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    Location Situated about one hour from Townsville the area relies mainly on sugar cane but many farmers have now diversified into agriculture. The area is close to the Great Barrier Reef and is spoilt with both reef and creek fish.
    Zonta Club Burdekin Inc
    Chartered 10 May 1994
    Meets 2nd Tuesday of month 6:00 for 6:30pm for Dinner
    Email bknzonta@gmail.com
    Website http://burdekin.zontadistrict22.org
    Location Situated on the Mount Lindesay Highway about 65 kilometres south of Brisbane and located in the Logan and Albert River Valleys and surrounded by the wild forest, there are many attractions to see and enjoy, including Mt. Barney, the historical museum and Lamington National Park
    Zonta Club of Beaudesert Area Inc
    Chartered 29 February 1988
    Meets 3rd Tuesday of month 6:00 for 6:30pm for Dinner
    Email beaudesert@zontadistrict22.org
    Website http://beaudesert.zontadistrict22.org/
    Location Situated in the northern region of The Whitsundays with spectacular award winning beaches with great opportunities for snorkeling and diving
    Zonta Club of Bowen Inc
    Chartered 13 June 1994
    Meets 2nd Thursday of month 6:00 for 6.30pm for Dinner
    Email bowenzonta@yahoo.com.au
    Website http://bowen.zontadistrict22.org/
    Location The capital of Queensland Brisbane has a number of Clubs both dinner and breakfast Clubs which meet both in the city central or in the suburbs.
    Zonta Club of Brisbane Inc
    Chartered 21 October 1971
    Meets 1st Wednesday of month 6:30 for 7.00pm for Dinner
    Email zontabrisbane@gmail.com
    Website https://zontabrisbane.org.au/
    Zonta Club of Brisbane Breakfast Inc
    Chartered 1 June 1997
    Meets 1st Friday of month 7.00am for Breakfast
    Email info@zontabrisbanebreakfast.org
    Website http://zontabrisbanebreakfast.org>
    Zonta Club of Brisbane City Heart
    Chartered 22 January 2016
    Meets 3rd Tuesday of the month at 5.30pm
    Email admin@brisbanecityheart.com.au
    Website https://zontabrisbanecityheart.com.au
    Zonta Club of Brisbane East Inc
    Chartered 13 March 1989
    Meets 3rd Monday of month 6.45pm for 7.00pm start
    Email brisbaneeast@zontadistrict22.org
    Website http://brisbaneeast.zontadistrict22.org/
    Zonta Club of Brisbane Sunrise Inc (formerly Brisbane Metro Breakfast)
    Chartered 29 December 1998
    Meets 1st Wednesday of month 6.45 for 7.00am for Breakfast
    Email zontabrisbanesunrise@gmail.com
    Website http://brisbanesunrise.zontadistrict22.org/
    Zonta Club of Brisbane North Inc
    Chartered 19 June 1978
    Meets 2nd Monday of month 6:30pm for Dinner
    Email brisbanenorth@zontadistrict22.org
    Website http://brisbanenorth.zontadistrict22.org/
    Zonta Club of Brisbane River Inc
    Chartered 3 August 1993
    Meets Last Tuesday of month 6:30pm for Dinner
    Email brisbaneriver@zontadistrict22.org
    Website http://brisbaneriver.zontadistrict22.org/
    Zonta Club of Brisbane South Inc
    Chartered 2 January 1979
    Meets 2nd Wednesday of month 6:00pm for Dinner
    Email zontabrisbanesouth@live.com.au
    Website http://brisbanesouth.zontadistrict22.org/
    Location Situated approximately four hours drive north of Brisbane the area is surrounded by sugar cane fields and is known for its rum, ginger beer and sugar industries. Mon Repos is nearby with visitors accompanying rangers to view the turtles who return each year around December to lay their eggs at night and in February to see the little hatchlings struggle their way into the ocean against the waves
    Zonta Club of Bundaberg Inc
    Chartered 24 August 1990
    Meets 1st Tuesday of month 5.30 for 6:00pm for Dinner
    Email zontaclubbundaberg@hotmail.com
    Website http://bundaberg.zontadistrict22.org/
    Location Situated approximately 48 kilometres north of Brisbane Caboolture is an urban centre established in 1842 as one of the first areas in Queensland to be opened to European settlers. The name is derived from the Aboriginal word, which means “place of the carpet snake”.
    Zonta Club of Caboolture Inc
    Chartered 3 August 1993
    Meets Last Wednesday of month 6:30pm for Dinner
    Email zontacaboolture@gmail.com
    Website http://zontacaboolture.org.au/
    Location Situated approximately 1700 kilometres north of Brisbane Cairns is popularly known as the Gateway to the Great Barrier Reef and is nestled between the mountains of the Great Dividing Range and the blue of the Coral Sea. It is a Mecca for tourism having an International Airport and relatively easy access to all the attractions of Far North Queensland.
    Zonta Club of Cairns Inc
    Chartered 10 September 1983
    Meets 1st Tuesday of month 6:00 for 6:30pm for Dinner
    Email zontacairns@gmail.com
    Website http://cairns.zontadistrict22.org/
    Location Situated in northern Queensland Charters Towers is located 135 kilometres south-west from Townsville on the Flinders Highway. The town was founded in the 1870s when gold was found in the area. Many of the older buildings of the mining boom remain, giving a distinct character to the town.
    Zonta Club of Charters Towers Inc
    Chartered 1 June 2004
    Meets 3rd Thursday of month 5.30pm for Dinner
    Email charterstowers@zontadistrict22.org
    Website http://charterstowers.zontadistrict22.org/
    Location Situated about 500km north from Brisbane the Gladstone area offers visitors close access to The Great Barrier Reef. The region surrounding Gladstone is a diverse and fascinating one, with an adventurous outdoor flavour complementing the busy, urban environment. The region includes beachside towns, secluded beaches, scenic national parks as well as Gladstone being a major port city exporting minerals from central Queensland.
    Zonta Club of Gladstone Inc
    Chartered 27 January 1992
    Meets 3rd Tuesday of month 6.00 for 6:30pm for Dinner
    Email zontagladstone@gmail.com
    Website http://gladstone.zontadistrict22.org/
    Location Situated 94 kilometres south of Brisbane the Gold Coast the 56 klm stretch is a popular tourist area famous for its sun surf and sand. There are two Clubs on the Gold Coast one at the northern end and one at the southern.
    Zonta Club of Paradise Point Inc
    Chartered 1 June 1997
    Meets 3rd Tuesday of month 5:45 for 6:00pm for Dinner
    Email paradisepoint@zontadistrict22.org
    Website http://paradisepoint.zontadistrict22.org/
    Zonta Club of Southern Gold Coast Tweed Inc
    Chartered 18 December 1980
    Meets 3rd Monday of month 6:30 for 7.00 pm for Dinner
    Email zontasgct@gmail.com
    Website http://southerngoldcoasttweed.zontadistrict22.org/
    Location Situated approximately 290 kilometres from Brisbane Hervey Bay is a coastal town on a natural bay between the Queensland mainland and nearby World Heritage listed Fraser Island. The local economy relies on tourism, for which whale watching. Fraser Island and Lady Elliot Island and the calm beaches are the major attractions.
    Zonta Club of Hervey Bay Inc
    Chartered 3 December 1990
    Meets Last Wednesday of month 6:30pm for Dinner
    Email zontaherveybay@gmail.com
    Website http://herveybay.zontadistrict22.org/
    Location Situated along the Bremer River Valley Ipswich is a city some 40 kilometres west of Brisbane. It began as a mining settlement and grew rapidly becoming a city in 1904. As well as many new housing estates there are many grand old homes and gardens. The Ipswich Festival is held annually at then end of April and showcases the city’s cultural heritage and talent.
    Zonta Ipswich Inc (previously Zonta Club of West Moreton Inc/Zonta Club of Ipswih Inc)
    Chartered 1 September 1979
    Meets 4th Monday of month 6:15 for 6:45pm for Dinner
    Email ipswichzonta@gmail.com
    Website http://ipswich.zontadistrict22.org/
    Location The Northern Rivers of New South Wales stretches from the mighty Clarence River in the South up to Tweed Heads on the Queensland border and out to the foothills of the Great Divide. It’s where the world’s largest expanse of subtropical rainforest meets mountains forged from ancient volcanoes, overlooking more than 300 kilometres of spectacular coastline.
    Zonta Club of Northern Rivers Inc
    Chartered 7 December 1995
    Meets 3rd Monday of month for Dinner
    Email northernrivers@zontadistrict22.org
    Website http://northernrivers.zontadistrict22.org/
    Location Situated about halfway between Brisbane and Cairns, Mackay is truly the centre of Queensland. This coastal city on the mainland is the largest sugar producing area in Australia. The city is also a vital service centre for the mines of the nearby Bowen Basin which produce 85% of the state’s coal.
    Zonta Club of Mackay Inc
    Chartered 1992
    Meets 3rd Tuesday of month 6:30 for 7.00pm for Dinner
    Email zontamackay@gmail.com
    Website http://mackay.zontadistrict22.org/
    Location Situated on the Blackall Range in the Sunshine Coast Hinterland this small scenic town overlooks the beaches of the Sunshine Coast and the Glasshouse Mountains.The area is a craft paradise and is home to many nationally recognised artists and art galleries. It is also an area of extreme interest to the eco-tourist.
    Zonta Club of Blackall Range Inc
    Chartered 1 September 1997
    Meets 3rd Tuesday of month 6:30pm for Dinner
    Email zonta@zontablackallrange.org.au
    Website http://blackallrange.zontadistrict22.org/
    Location Situated on the Fraser Coast some 25 kilometres north of Brisbane Maryborough is the Heritage City of Queensland holding weekly Heritage Markets. The city has many preserved 19th and 20th century buildings and is famous as the birthplace of the author of “Mary Poppins”.
    Zonta Club of Maryborough Inc
    Chartered 13 February 1995
    Meets 4th Wednesday of month 5.30 for 6:00pm for Dinner
    Email zontamaryboroughqld@gmail.com
    Website http://maryborough.zontadistrict22.org/
    Location Situated 900 kilometres west of Townsville and 600 kilometres south of Karumba, Mount Isa is a real Oasis in the Outback. A thriving cosmopolitan city situated in the ochre-red Selwyn Ranges on the banks of the Leichardt River, Mount Isa is a busy mining, commercial, industrial and tourism centre
    Zonta Club of Mount Isa Inc
    Chartered 20 September 1993
    Meets 3rd Wednesday of month 6:30 for 7.00pm for Dinner
    Email mountisa@zontadistrict22.org
    Website http://mountisa.zontadistrict22.org
    Location Pine Rivers Shire is a large and growing district within Moreton Bay Regional Council in south-east Queensland. MBRC is immediately north of Brisbane City and also includes Redcliffe City and Caboolture Shire.
    Zonta Club of Pine Rivers Inc
    Chartered 1 May 1994
    Meets 2nd Wednesday of month 6:30 for 7.00pm for Dinner
    Email pinerivers@zontadistrict22.org
    Website http://pinerivers.zontadistrict22.org
    Location Situated on the Redcliffe Peninsula some 28 kilometres from Brisbane this is a popular seaside resort. It was Queensland’s first colony in 1824 and each September celebrates its history as the State’s first European settlement with the First Settlement Festival. Redcliffe was proclaimed a city in 1959.
    Zonta Club of Redcliffe Inc
    Chartered 19 May 1980
    Meets 4th Monday of month 6:00 for 6:30pm for Dinner
    Email info@zontaredcliffe.org.au
    Website http://zontaredcliffe.org.au/
    Location Situated on the Tropic of Capricornia, just 40 kilometres inland from the Pacific Ocean and astride Queensland’s largest river, the Fitzroy. Rockhampton’s location between the coast and the rural hinterland provides visitors and residents with the choice of unlimited investment and recreational pursuits
    Zonta Club of Rockhampton Inc
    Chartered 5 August 1983
    Meets 3rd Wednesday of month 6:00 for 6:30pm for Dinner
    Email zontarockhampton@gmail.com
    Website http://rockhampton.zontadistrict22.org/
  • ROMA
    Location Situated some 500 kilometres north west of Brisbane and strategically situated on the intersection of the Warrego Highway and the Great Inland Way Roma is known as The Capital of the Western Downs in Queensland. As early as 1900 a government bore being drilled for artesian water, struck petroleum gas. Sufficient natural gas was found in the district to warrant the building of the Wallumbilla to Brisbane gas pipeline which continues to provide gas to Brisbane residents.
    Zonta Club of Roma Inc
    Chartered 26 August 1993
    Meets 4th Tuesday of month 6:00pm for Dinner
    Email zontaroma@gmail.com
    Website http://roma.zontadistrict22.org/
    Location Situated on the coastline along Bramble Bay Sandgate is a northern suburb of Brisbane some 16 kilometres from the CBD.
    Zonta Club of Northside Inc (previously Zonta Club of Sandgate)
    Chartered 19 June 2007
    Meets 1st Monday of month 6:45pm for Dinner
    Email zontaclubofnorthside@gmail.com
    Website http://northside.zontadistrict22.org/
    Location Situated on the New England Highway near the NSW border on what is known as the Granite Belt Stanthorpe is some 223 kilometres west of Brisbane. The main industries are agriculture and wine making with more than 50 wineries in the area. National Parks in the area include Giraween, Bald Rock, Sundown and Boonoo Boonoo.
    Zonta Club of Stanthorpe Inc
    Chartered 22 September 1999
    Meets 2nd Monday of month 7.00pm for Dinner
    Email zontastanthorpe@gmail.com
    Website http://stanthorpe.zontadistrict22.org/
    Location Situated an hour or so drive north of Brisbane is Queensland’s Sunshine Coast flanked by lush hinterland and the cool clear Coral Sea. Attractions include the Noosa National Park, the Noosa River, Everglades, Cooloola National Park and World Heritage listed Fraser Island, the world’s largest sand island.
    Zonta Club Blackall Range Inc
    Chartered 01 September 1997
    Meets 3rd Tuesday of month 6:00 for 6:30pm for Dinner
    Email zontablackallrange,org.au
    Website http://zontablackallrange.org.au
    Zonta Club Caloundra City Inc
    Chartered 14 February 1989
    Meets 1st Tuesday of month 6:00 for 6:30pm for Dinner
    Email zontacaloundra@gmail.com
    Website http://caloundra.zontadistrict22.org/
    Zonta Club of Maroochy Inc
    Chartered 1 May 1994
    Meets 3rd Wednesday of month 6:00 for 6:30pm for Dinner
    Email maroochy@zontadistrict22.org
    Website http://maroochy.zontadistrict22.org/
    Zonta Club of Noosa Inc
    Chartered 1993
    Meets 2nd Thursday of month 6:30pm for Dinner
    Email zontaclubnoosa@gmail.com
    Website http://noosa.zontadistrict22.org/
    Location The beautiful Whitsundays are situated on the central Queensland coast between Mackay and Townsville. The major attractions in the Whitsundays include: The Whitsunday Group of 74, mostly uninhabited, islands, The Great Barrier Reef, Sailing, Snorkelling and scuba diving, Fishing, The bustling mainland town of Airlie Beach, The Airlie Beach Lagoon, Great walks through pristine National Park and rainforest, World-class resorts and the historic ‘sugar cane’ town of Proserpine
    Zonta Club of The Whitsundays Inc
    Chartered 15 March 1999
    Meets 3rd Thursday of month 6.15 for 6:30pm for Dinner
    Email zontaclub7@hotmail.com
    Website http://thewhitsundays.zontadistrict22.org/
    Location Situated on the crest of the Great Dividing Range some 700 metres above sea level Toowoomba is known as the Garden City with its Carnival of Flowers held each September. It is a major regional centre for government and business services. The city is home to the Cobb & Co Museum and has many preserved buildings.
    Zonta Club of Toowoomba Area Inc
    Chartered 1 January 1978
    Meets 1st Tuesday of month 6:00 followed by Dinner
    Email zontatoowoomba@gmail.com
    Website http://toowoomba.zontadistrict22.org/
    Zonta Club of Toowoomba Garden City Inc
    Chartered 1 May 1994
    Meets 3rd Tuesday of month 6:00 for 6:30pm for Dinner
    Email zontatgcsecretary@gmail.com
    Website http://toowoombagardencity.zontadistrict22.org/
    Location Situated adjacent to the central Great Barrier Reef on the northern coast in the dry tropics region and approximately 1300 kilometres north of Brisbane. The region has many well known festivals with many celebrating the international heritage of those who have made North Queensland their home. Nearby Magnetic Island is popular with tourists.
    Zonta Club of Townsville Inc
    Chartered 5 June 1984
    Meets 3rd Wednesday of month 6:00 for 6:30pm for Dinner
    Email zontatownsville@gmail.com
    Website http://townsville.zontadistrict22.org/
    Zonta Club of Townsville Metro Inc
    Chartered 17 June 2004
    Meets 1st Wednesday of month 5:45pm for Dinner
    Email townsvillemetro@zontadistrict22.org
    Website http://townsvillemetro.zontadistrict22.org/
    Location Situated on the Condamine River some 130 kilometres west of Brisbane, Warwick is a major commercial centre of the Darling Downs. The city is promoted as the Rose and Rodeo City with the Warwick Rodeo and Rose Festival held in October each year.
    Zonta Club of Warwick Inc
    Chartered 20 May 1997
    Meets 3rd Tuesday of month 6:30 for 7.00 pm for Dinner
    Email warwickzonta@gmail.com
    Website http://warwick.zontadistrict22.org/
    Location Our club spans the beautiful Southern Moreton Bay region, traditional home of the Quandamooka peoples. Situated in one of the fastest growing areas of South East Queensland, the area is culturally rich and aware, and becoming an established centre for the creative arts. Gateway to the Southern Moreton Bay Islands, the calm bay waters are ideal for water-based recreational activities, and there are delightful marinas at Wynnum/Manly and Raby Bay – great places for “breakfast by the bay”.
    Zonta Club of Wynnum Redland Inc
    Chartered 25 September 1981
    Meets 2nd Monday of month 6:30 for 7.00 pm for Dinner
    Email wynnumredland@zontadistrict22.org
    Website http://wynnumredland.zontadistrict22.org
    Location Club members are located throughout District 22 (Queensland and Northern NSW).  They join the e-Club because they wish to remain a Zontian but are unable through work or personal circumstances to regularly attend Club meetings.  Members communicate with each other and conduct their Zonta business via email or teleconferences.
    Zonta e-Club of Queensland Inc
    Chartered 29 June 2019
    Meets  Monthly by ZOOM
    Email zonta.eclubqld@gmail.com
    Website http://zontae-clubqueensland.zontadistrict22.org