Successful Book Launch: The Benefits of a Light Heart.

Zonta Club of Noosa in association with Primrose Hall Publishing Group and the University of the Sunshine Coast held a successful fund raising book launch on Friday 16th December.

Dr Prue Millear (author of the book ‘The Benefits of a Light Heart’) explained an amusing way to think about stress management and dealing with life’s inevitable problems.

Rather than being too serious, Prue (and her alter ego, Professor Hilary Doodlebug, a delightful Cat)  introduced a range of Problem Dogs, from Kelpies (sensible ones) all the way to serious, dangerous problems that look like the Hounds of Hell (when all seems lost). So once you’ve identified your Dog, learn how to get that Barking Dog to sit nicely and learn some manners, with hints and tips for Pups, Dog Fights, Black Dogs, Stray Dogs, and Sunshine Dogs.

Prue explained how to identify life’s problems and match them to the appropriate dog.  By doing this, you soon learn how to manage your stress and live your life with a ‘Light Heart’.


Dr Tina Doe (Zonta Noosa) and Dr Prue Millear (author) celebrate ‘The Benefits of a Light Heart’


Prue also sharing the benefits of a light heart with attendees at the Book Launch.


President Jan and Linda demonstrating the benefits of a Light Heart!