Zonta Living Treasure Award presented for 2023

The Living Treasure Award was presented at the Zonta International Women’s Day Breakfast on Wednesday 8th March.

Norelle Shuker has been volunteering in the community for over 40 years. Until recently, Norelle was the longest serving continual volunteer at the Heritage Village, volunteering there in a number of roles. Norelle is also an excellent tailoress and has enjoyed making clothing for people with special needs. She has also sewn costumes for the Heritage Village volunteers for wearing at special events. She has assisted migrants by teaching them how to sew, and has been a Pilbeam Theatre volunteer, and was a tuckshop convenor for many years.

These days, Norelle enjoys her role as a Tour Guide for the Heritage Village, educating people about our community and its history, and integrating people into the community from all walks of life.  The award was presented by Zonta President Trish Collins.