Warwick 2015 Birthing Kit Assembly Day Update

Our birthing kit assembly day was held on 9 May and we managed to pack 1000 kits in an hour with the assistance of Zontians, members of the community and students!

Our sincere thanks to:

  • Sally for coordinating Birthing Kits this year.  We know this involves much preparation to ensure the event runs as smoothly as it did!
  • Scots/PCG College for allowing us the use of the dining room at their boarding facility in Locke Street.
  • Zontians and community members, including students and teachers from Warwick State High School, Assumption College and Scots/PCG College. In all, 57 people attended, and 1000 kits were packed within an hour, and only another hour before all Zontians had packed the kits into boxes ready for delivery, tidied the area, and headed off.
  • Zontians for providing morning tea. Again – delicious food and requests for recipes!

Some pics of the event! (Click each to view larger image!)