Vale Lyn Barnes

Eleven members of the Zonta Club of Warwick attended the funeral of past Zonta member Lyn Barnes (member 2008-2013). The eulogy was written by, and delivered by fellow Zontians (Lois and Karen). We reflected on Lyn’s contribution to Zonta activities:

  • Service projects such as birthing kit assembly days, pamper pack assembly (for women in DV refuge), Candlelight Vigil – marching through Warwick streets with placard to stop violence against women
  • Fundraising projects such as Australia Day Breakfast
  • Fellowship activities such as attending International Women’s Day breakfast, and celebrating with fellow Zontians.

We remember Lyn as a competent businesswoman, independent and determined, who enjoyed her idyllic rural property, company of friends and family and her loved pets. Lois and Karen supported Lyn through her brief but devastating illness, and we offer them our care – as they concluded in their eulogy: ‘All we have are memories of love and friendship for Lyn that are treasures to carry with us always’.
Zonta Club of Warwick offers our sympathy to all her friends and family.