Jumpers & Jazz in July Festival – Warwick

The Jumpers and Jazz in July festival has wound up for another year. Our Zonta tree this year followed the festival theme of Ripples and our tree was called the “Ripple Effect”

The design this year depicted the ripple effect our organisation has on the world of women. We may only be a small group of women in regional Queensland but our actions “ripple” out, influencing the welfare of women worldwide. Our tree ripples; painted in the official Zontian colours, start with Zonta’s vision and values and moves out to list our actions and influence regionally, nationally and internationally. We at Zonta Warwick feel confident that our efforts and actions do “ripple” out to support women to create a more equitable society.

Zonta Warwick is part of Zonta International; an organisation which works to promote women’s rights, equality, health and education with a special emphasis in 2022 on ending child marriage and gender based violence.