IWD Breakfast Report – 8 March 2013

Just a short report on the IWD Breakfast held 8 March 2013.

As usual we seemed to have another successful event that we can feel reasonably proud to be associated with.

Rob did a head count of 125 guests which was at the maximum level of those we wished to attract to our function.  As usual we did have a number of people on the waiting list including a table of 10.

Our Guest Speaker, Marceline Dwan lived up to all the accolades that have been bestowed on her over the years.  In every facet of her life she has met great challenges and overcome them with great success and humility.  There was something in her talk for each of us to reflect upon and learn from.

I wish to thank a number of people for the success of the day.

President Karen Shepherd for taking on the role of MC, Valerie Rose for her inspiring introduction of Marceline,  and Assistant Treasurer Louise for filling in for the highly capable Leanne.  Louise was assisted at the front door by Rhonda, June and Rosa.

I also thank the Ushers, Jenny L, Sally, and Dee.  They are great peacekeepers for times when there are more bodies than chairs.

Thanks to the Service Committee and the Thursday afternoon Working bee – especially Mary J and her ever reliable buckets of shrubbery.

Thank you to Jenny E for taking notes and photos for the local newspaper, just in case there was a bigger story than ours in town.

Thank you to those who donated prizes – Leanne, Sally, Dee, Jenny E, Jenny L, June, Lois, Rosa, Karen, Rhonda, Mary G.  You are all very generous.

Thank you to everyone who invited guests and organised tables.

I was reflecting while I wrote the above about how every task performed by a member, no matter how small, adds to the total outcome of the day, when I realised that Marceline quoted something more profound in her talk – “The whole is made up of many parts”.

Thank you everyone for contributing.

Karen has asked me to convey her thanks to everyone, too.  Karen will be writing something for the Newsletter this month to voice her thanks.

Regards to all,
Faye Marley