December 1, 2023 @ 2:00 pm – 4:00 pm
Cairns Regional Council Civic Rooms
Karen Maitland

“Rape isn’t exclusively committed by men. Women aren’t the only victims — men rape men,
women rape men — but what makes rape a men’s problem, our problem, is the fact that men
commit 97% of reported rapes.”

Curtis Rayment – Is a sixth year medical student at James Cook University
who has been inspired in recent times to challenge young men to get involved in the
conversation around consent and sexual assault; encourage them to become an active
bystander and help understand why exactly sexual assault should be “a man’s issue”. He has
been working with both the JCU Respect Team and Adair Donaldson from Donaldson Law
to help create a presentation which centers heavily around sexual assault, consent, healthy
relationships and the important role that young people play in these increasingly present and
often misunderstood issues. Reaching at risk groups and running these workshops is
something he is extremely proud and passionate about and would relish the opportunity to
work alongside your organization.

It is an evidence based, interactive presentation that includes 2 x for 45 minute sessions –
depending on what time is allocated and in what capacity He works with schools, sporting
clubs or other organizations. His target group is young men and women ages 12 – 18 years
and is preferably done so in an age and gender specific sessions. The discussion is tailored
appropriately. Throughout the workshop He will pose scenarios and give the opportunity to discuss
what they know in a free and safe space; explore why they came to that conclusion and
challenge them to unpack some of the complex issues that arise. Most importantly, He provides
them with the tools to act appropriately and make better choices if presented with the same
situation later in life.

The core messages and talking points include:
1) Defining and recognizing sexual harassment, assault and consent
2) Enthusiastic consent and what it looks like
3) Healthy relationship’s
4) How to become an active bystander
5) Understanding toxic traits in masculinity and redefining strength

RSVP by email: 14 November 2023