Dorothy Haig Exhibition Opening

Thread is My Connection with Other Worlds

On 11 June 2015, Warwick Zontian Dorothy Haig opened her installation ‘Thread is my Connection with Other Worlds’ at the Warwick Art Gallery. From Dorothy:

“The idea that the use of thread transports me to different environments and spaces is a notion that I have considered many times. While thread remains literally the foundation of all textile work, the concept of ‘the thread’ has been approached in many ways metaphorically throughout the evolution of my oeuvre.

Viewers of this exhibition have the opportunity to explore the ‘make-do’ magic of women’s work with encased recycled mosquito netting in Laced With Place, while the interiors of a collection of boxes in The Phantasmagoria of the Interior reveal secret remnants of dreams and memory printed on elegant silk scrolls. Memory Keeper jogs our recollections of the threads of past lives as we engage with shadow box art stories that examine the domestic activities of our grandmothers; the caretakers of our collective memory.

My relationship with thread began with my mother’s Singer treadle sewing machine and has developed via diverse pathways. This is possibly exemplified in the final piece: I Love to Stitch in Red. The title can be loosely translated as ‘I love to live life’. This segment of the installation focuses on the red in our lives with an exploration of one personal connotation of the colour.”

The opening of the installation was well attended with money raised from the night being donated to ovarian cancer research.

The installation will be at the Warwick Art Gallery until 26 July.