Who are we?

The Zonta Breakfast Club of Brisbane Inc has 38 current members.  Our members are aged in their 20s, 30s, 40s and 50s. Many are in the early to peak stages of dynamic careers, often balancing their working life with children, study and other family responsibilities. We have had many babies born since our charter in 1997, and with more currently “on the way”, it would be fair to say that we are a group of very busy women!

Our meetings

We meet over breakfast on the first Friday of each month (excluding January) at the Paw Paw Cafe, Stanley Street, East Brisbane. Meetings commence at 7am and generally conclude by 8.30am. This is a tight schedule and leaves little time for fellowship, so our Committee structure is extremely important to our Club. All our members are actively involved in at least one committee, and each committee aims to meet several times a year (if not monthly) to bring members together to discuss Club business and for fellowship. We also include a couple of dinner meetings in our calendar each year, to allow time for a more leisurely approach to business and fellowship! If you would like an invitation to attend one of our meetings please send an email.

Our Service Projects

Our Club selects new major service projects every two years and supports other minor projects on an ad hoc basis. Service projects are chosen across 4 service categories – Women in Crisis, Women in Transition, High Achieving Women and Women in Context. Currently our club supports 2 major projects for sponsorship and support.

  • Queensland Working Women’s Services (QWWS) plays an important role in keeping women employed. QWWS does not have State Government Funding to support women through the process of making a claim at the Queensland Anti Discrimination Commission to redress discrimination or harrassment.  This grant assists in providing resources for a QWWS Industrial Officer to support these women.
  • Women’s Legal Service (WLS) is a community legal service that provides free legal advice  and information to women in Queensland.  WLS receives calls from all over the State with approximately 5,000 women assisted each year. This funding will provide emergency assistance to women who experience domestic violence and require emergency financial assistance.
  • Minor Projects and Zonta International Fund donations. In addition, the Brisbane Breakfast Club provides monetary assistance for minor projects. Recent examples have included donations to Village Birthing Attendant training and supplies in PNG.  We also aim to donate one third of our funds raised each year to support projects co-ordinated by Zonta International.

Our Fundraising Activities

The Finance & Fundraising Committee is a very active and engaged committee, whilst acknowledging the very busy lives of the members of this club. We try to tailor the events to suit club members and what we hope interests them. Recent fundraising events have included Estee Lauder warehouse sale, movie nights and several raffles throughout the year, including our annual membership breakfast raffle. We also raised funds through the sale of gourmet sausages, Entertainment books and gingerbread biscuits at Christmas.  These activities have contributed a healthy sum to our coffers.

Planning and Strategy

We conduct planning sessions in February each year to formulate both our overall objectives and specific goals for the year ahead. Fellowship is a key focus to ensure connectivity with our club and members.

Our Objectives

  • Engage in service projects that we feel passionate about; where a diversity of service activities are possible, including financial and in-kind donations and hands-on service
  • Engage with other Zonta Clubs to leverage fundraising, service and public awareness; and for our enrichment and entertainment
  • Foster active participation of all our members in the Clubs operation, service and fundraising activities 
  • Actively recruit new members with a diversity of skills and achievements in order to build a stronger club
  • Fundraising activities that are easy to support, realistic, achievable and enjoyable for all
  • Communicate our activities and successes and raise our profile through our newsletter, public relations activities and website 
  • Keep a sense of balance to include fellowship and fun as we meet our commitments
  • Extension of our activities as the Club matures and grows
  • Sound and effective leadership and management of the Club, including corporate governance, record keeping and reporting in accordance with legislation and Zonta requirements.
  • Raise our awareness of issues of interest to Zonta  eg role at the UN, specific issues affecting women such as trafficking, health etc through guest speakers, newsletter, events.
  • Participate in Zonta events and activities beyond our own club, in particular Area 1 Meeting, District 22 Conference and Zonta International Convention.

Networking within Zonta

We firmly believe that there is scope for even greater things to be achieved when we work together, so we are actively aiming to build relationships with other clubs in the Brisbane area and co-operate on service and fundraising activities to mutual benefit.  We have successfully coordinated a joint service project in the Zonta Bursary for Australian Indigenous Women Students with the Brisbane Club plus for over five years have organised a Birthing Kit Assembly day with the Brisbane South club. With these relationships well established, we aim to join with another club in some joint activities over the next 12 months

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